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San Bella

Premium and Site Champion at the Oldenburg Inspection

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Premium Champion Oldenburg NA Colt



 2004 National USDF Oldenburg NA All Breeds Sporthorse Champion, Colts/Geldings.



   2003 National USDF Oldenburg NA All Breeds Sporthorse Champion, Colts

2003 USDF Horse of the Year Reserve Champion   Sporthorse Colts





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Welcome to MarKim Farms, a breeder of modern World Class Champion Oldenburg Sport Horses, both German Oldenburg Verband and Oldenburg N.A.  We are very selective in our breeding program.  Our commitment is to improve the breed both in temperament and athletic ability . . . . and we do it selectively . . . . one at a time.

For 2007, MarKim Farms is pleased to present San Bella, a spectacular filly with legendary bloodlines for sale this year.  Rubinstein I, Furioso II, Sandro Hit, and Landadel are among the top European bloodlines represented.  This filly, San Bella, is Sagnol's (Sandro Hit/Landadel) first filly born in North America.

Photo By:  Amy Brachthauser,

NEWS FLASH:  San Bella stands up to the best in Germany! 

San Bella was rated Premium and Site Champion at the Oldenburg Inspection in Findlay, Ohio on August 18, 2007.  San Bella follows in the footsteps of the MarKim Farms’ award winning Champion Colts: Reagan, Wunderstern and Impromptu.

The Oldenburg Inspection Committee stated that she is of great quality and if born in Germany, she would have been selected for their esteemed Elite Auction in Vechta, Germany.  Out of the hundreds of foals born in Germany, only a select few are invited to the auction.  San Bella stands up to the best in Germany! 


Photo By:  Amy Brachthauser,












I'm Kim Ennett, owner of MarKim Farms.  I have over 20 years of experience as a horsewoman and actively compete.  I'm dedicated to improving the Oldenburg Breed and offer World Class Oldenburg foals and horses. 

And we have succeeded! 

For 2007 we introduced San Bella, our Premium and Site Champion Oldenburg Filly out of our imported mare Graziella (Rubinstein I/Furioso II) and sired by the outstanding stallion Sagnol (Sandro Hit/Landadel).

For 2005 we introduced Reagan, our Premium Champion Oldenburg NA colt out of our wonderful Star Mare Liaisonne -/*/- and sired by the champion Riverman****. 

Our 2003 Oldenburg N.A. Impromptu colt won the USDF 2003 National Awards:

No. 1 All Breeds Oldenburg N.A. Colt in Nation

No. 2 Horse of the Year, Sport Horse Colt

Our two year old Wunderstern won the 2004 National USDF Oldenburg/NA All Breeds Sporthorse Champion, Colts/Geldings.


We are particularly pleased to have acquired an outstanding imported GOV broodmare, Graziella (Rubinstein I/Furioso II) to add to our breeding program.  Graziella's impeccable bloodlines will materially contribute towards achieving our goal of improving the Oldenburg Breed and offering World Class Oldenburg horses.  Read more inside.

Furioso II Graziella Rubinstein I

We wish to thank all our supporters for our farm's wonderful achievements!

                                                  Sincerely, Kim Ennett


MarKim Farms' Mark & Kim Ennett with USDF President Samuel Barish and Ultimate Piaffe's (Ideal), Carol & Victor Ives at 2003 USDF Awards Ceremony, Dallas, Texas.        

MarKim Farm's Impromptu received the Championship Awards.                     


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