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Our Breeding Focus 

Our primary focus in our breeding program is to improve the "modern" Oldenburg  qualities for World Class sport horse competition at the highest international level.

As I am of slight build, as are others, a large framed horse is not always desirable.  This is particularly  true for the young rider.  Therefore the elegant and refined modern Oldenburg is what our breeding program focuses on.  Our objective is calm, cool, collected and balanced horses with World Class athletic ability.  

MarKim Farms trains horses and foals for various equestrian disciplines.  We have an active training program from the foal stage through the critical stages for the development of a World Class Sport Horse that can be ridden by beginners, amateurs and professionals up to international levels.

A most important  part of our training is newborn foal imprinting to achieve a calm, cool, collected and balanced horse.  It is performed in accordance with guidelines established by Robert M. Miller, D.V.M., in his publications and video entitled "Early Learning, The Complete Training of the Newborn Foal During Its Imprinting & Critical Learning Periods".  You will be pleased with the results.

Development of the Modern Oldenburg

The Oldenburg was bred in a small area near the modern region of Lower Saxony surrounding the city of Oldenburg.  They were originally developed as a good strong carriage horse.  The early Oldenburg horses were well-known for consistency in conformation, and great power.  They were also famed for their kind character and extreme willingness to work under saddle.  During the present century, more Thoroughbred and Norman blood was introduced, resulting in a "modern" magnificent all-purpose saddle horse.  

Markim Farms' champion mares carry the bloodlines of Furioso II and others.

Inschallah Furioso II Zeus
In the late 1940s, breeders made a focused effort to lighten Oldenburgs.  In the 1970's recognition of the exceptional qualities of the breed redoubled the breeders efforts to lighten the line.  The new stallions such as Furioso II (1965) by Furioso XX, Inschallah X (1968) by Israel and Zeus (1972) by Arlequin gained great notoriety.  Since the complete reworking of type and quality, Oldenburgs are now recognized as one of the most successful breeds in Germany and North America.  Its foals are sought after as competition horses and breeding stock worldwide.  Today, modern Oldenburgs are considered to be among the elite for show-jumping, dressage and three day eventing. 



              The International Museum of the Horse (IMH) is located at the  Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky.

MarKim Farms is listed in the IMH's "Other Sites of Interest" and is recognized as a breeder of Oldenburgs.